Member Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines with us so that we create a safe, healthy and positive environment for every woman to thrive in!

• We Are Scent-free – please do not wear perfume or scented body products and avoid clothing treated with scented soaps or dryer sheets.
• Respect, co-operation and kindness with/for one another, the space, the director and the music.
• Please pay your dues by the end of your first practice as a member.
• Refund policy: We do not offer refunds when there are changes in the pandemic situation (ie lockdowns, changes to mask wearing or vaccination policies, etc). For all other refund enquiries, please contact your admin.
• Bursary and payment arrangements are available : ask your admin.

Covid and Flu Season Protocols
Subject to Change at any time in accordance with Public Health Recommendations
Vaccinations: : we strongly urge our members to have a minimum of 2 covid vaccinations and to keep up on their flu shots.
Contact your admin if you test positive for Covid.
Please stay home if:
• you have any signs of illness, even if it feels like a “strange allergy”
• you have had a recent Covid, cold or flu exposure/close contact without an N95 Mask
If you are unsure, wear an N95 mask to practice.

Mask Wearing Protocol (N95s are our safest option):
As we move through different stages of the pandemic, AbZolutely Choir will take a fluid approach to masking protocol. Abby will monitor the municipal risk index and send updates as we progress in our year, but please know that if AbZolutely Choir deems the risks too great (ie when community transmission is high; a new dominant strain is on the horizon; there is frequent or copious illness among members), N95 masks will become mandatory at practice. Please read the Covid and Flu Season Guidelines sent in your weekly emails for updates and always bring a mask to practice. All Covid and Cold/Flu season-related policies will remain subject to change at short notice. 

If you have school-aged children or children in daycare (or grandchildren of these ages with whom you are in close, regular contact), please consider masking at all times as the risk of asymptomatic transmission is higher. This isn’t meant to discriminate against parents and grandparents, but rather reflect the risk of spread of all upper respiratory infections and COVID.

Live-performance Covid protocols: please note that we must follow the regulations set by the venue when it comes to Covid protocol. If rapid testing, vaccination or any other procedures are mandated by the facility, we will abide by their wishes.

Adherence to guidelines and health protocols is required to join or maintain membership in AbZolutely Choir.
*Effective August 29, 2022, subject to change ongoing