AbZolutely Choir

Affirming Every Woman’s Love of Singing by :
Building a safe, caring and vibrant community and sharing it with the greater community at performances and special events  
Exploring a rich and diverse range of musical genres and eras
Singing to tracks, live instruments and soundscapes 
Creating an inclusive space for every level of singer 
Honing vocal and performance skills 
Laughing as much as possible

AbZolutely Choir explores contemporary music parts-singing – everything from folk to pop to jazz and swing, every decade from well before we were born to the very recent past. Our weekly practices put the fun in ensemble singing fundamentals like harmony, rhythm, dynamics, vocal technique and performance preparation. No need to audition or read music. We learn via tracks, with lyric and chord sheets provided (some sheet music is available as an adjunct to our process), all downloadable from our central web site.

Find A Choir – four chapters in south eastern Ontario – find the one nearest you